The Managed Service Plan




Regardless of the size, situation or industry, every small business requires 3 Things from their technology network: Quality, Efficiency, and Reliability. At the end of the day, nothing else matters. “Efficiency is a priority and your bottom-line is it’s measure.”

How do you ensure that technology is helping your business and not hurting it? Do you place band-aids on issues as you find them, hire an expensive internal IT manager and team, or ignore problems all together?

We’ve created a unique process for managing client networks that puts YOU in control without the need for an expensive internal department. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Assessing


Efficiency is our first priority. It impacts bottom-lines and separates good businesses from great ones. We will assess your technology and your business goals to ensure that your IT is getting the job done instead of getting in the way.


Millions are lost every year to preventable security issues from inefficiencies, down networks and identity & trade-secret theft. We evaluate your current security protocol and create a plan to protect the integrity of your business networks.


Disaster mitigation is something that many businesses over-look. Just one electrical storm can create hours or days of downtime and loss of data. We evaluate your loss risk and ensure that your crucial data is protected in the event of a catastrophe.

Step 2. Planning


Through internal research and client feedback, we identify network deficiencies; evaluate their affect on productivity and plan to address those that present significant risk to the efficiency and reliability of your network.


Through a collaboration with our clients, we help identify unique priorities that should take precedent when we start building, budgeting & implementing your short & long-term Technology plans.


Based on the system deficiencies and business priorities, assessment of your network and IT best-practices, we design short & long-term strategies with measurable goals that provide you with a guide for managing your IT Network.

Step 3. Managing


Through the use of advanced remote tools and routine on-site reviews, we constantly monitor, track and evaluate the health of your systems to ensure continual security and reliability of your network and devices.


Your technology devices, just like most other business equipment, require routine maintenance to ensure an efficient and reliable IT network.


Constant and never-ending improvement. Through the use of monthly and quarterly reviews and ongoing client feedback, we’re dedicated to the continual evaluation and improvement of your systems and our services.