I Needed to Outsource IT Service

I have enough responsibility and when we grew past my technical knowledge, I knew I needed to outsource IT service. I am now ensured my information is secured and backed up so if anything happens, and it has, Adair Technology was there to get us back up and running quickly and efficiently. The response time and customer service have been very good and personal. The recommendations have been right what we’ve needed and most issues that have come up we don’t have to wait long. Adair Technology can remote into our computers and repair the problems. We don’t have to wait for a technician to drive out to our facility. I have enjoyed working with Mark and the Adair Team. We look forward to continued use of their service.

James Nichols Amron Enterprises

We Thought Our Data Was Secure… Now We Know It Is!

I can truly say that our relationship with Adair Technology has been excellent. They are very knowledgeable and have maintained our systems for over 6 years, including taking us through conversions and new servers with the least amount of down time possible. I highly recommend them!

We thought we had everything under control and didn’t need to have back-ups offsite or someone to maintain our servers. The servers are absolutely the life blood of your business. They have to have patches and updates done regularly to make sure they are protecting not only your data but your customers/clients. We got burned one time, and that was all it took for us to look at making sure that never happened again. I believe it is a crucial part of any business to make sure data is secure, not just for a law practice.

Dwain Witt Steidley & Neal PLLC


Consolidating our IT services has given us greater transparency and allowed for better strategic planning moving forward. Adair has always been flexible and willing to accommodate our needs. As we grow and evolve as a company, Adair’s services have grown and evolved with us. We appreciate the personalized service that Adair provides and recommend them to others.

Laura Law Fiber Pad Incorporated

Never Lost Any Sleep

In my career I’ve been the CFO of very large businesses, and the CEO and co-owner of smaller businesses. Currently I’m the CEO and co-owner of Solstice Healthcare, a consulting company that provides comprehensive management services to RoseRock Healthcare. In each role, I’ve always been responsible for IT.

I’ve known Mark Adair now for over 10 years and for the last 7 years his company, Adair Technology Management, has been the sole source of IT support for RoseRock. Simply put, Mark is the most talented, and effective, IT professional I have ever known. I work with Mark at RoseRock exactly as if he were employed by RoseRock as its Chief Information Officer.

It’s difficult to summarize the quality of Mark’s work briefly or simply, given the breadth and complexity of his responsibilities. Perhaps the best description of my view of Mark’s performance is simply that in ten years I have never lost any sleep about anything systems-related.

I’ve told Mark I’d be happy to accept phone calls to discuss any of this in more detail. He has my personal cell number.

David Daucher Solstice Healthcare